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I Know I Don’t Belong
DV ( / New York City)

I Know I Don’t Belong

Poem By Denise Veras

Like a transcendent breeze,
I yearn to seize these free seas
Others see me a thatch tree
Never intended to grow in the cold,
This is twofold I’ve been colonized and sold

I know I don’t belong

Forced to become a banshee a little gusty,
A personal approach, I’ve been told
I’m hasty maybe slightly
Why should I not be when all you take from me,
The strength and creativity I breathe,
Is the threat I know that I could be
It’s a shame see, try to hear me
Have you learned nothing from history
I’ve mastered your specialty without the training you seek’d
Is that why you’re mad at me,
Trying to hold me down without this queen’s decree

I know I don’t belong

Never mind to question my dealings
You coerced me into this competition how unappealing,
Forcing your thinking staring at the ceiling
A distinguished lady’s essence you still won’t be able to feel me revealing
It’s a duty a numinous responsibility I’m wheeling
I am Latin, I am Black, I am Taino, and I am European
Did you think I would await your attempt kneeling
By uniting my celestial bloodline I stand,
A diverse female I own this land
Through reincarnation I've built it by hand
From nothing to something I live in the sand.
Now I've return rightfully in command
You slept never thinking you could be unmanned.

I know I don’t belong

Still a youthful mind with many heroes
Images of greatness found in those who emulated Eros
How soon we forget that without roots life is bound for regret
Easily consumed by that slight edge you hold from power struggles and material offsets
I am lead by an earthly fortitude an unavoidable solitude
This worldly attitude I must allude
You underestimated what I could do how rude

I know I don’t belong

But little did you imagine what this woman’s spirit can manage
My ancestors felt me the tools to avoid being bestrewed,
You are at a greater disadvantage
Indistinctly, you should have listened closely
Endowed with a passion for life intuition guides me
This is what separates me, I’m a blend made of diversity
Clinching to me will take bravery driven by loyalty
I doubt you cloud ever begin to understand royalty
You stole it all from me is this too blunt to read

This has been prolonged but I’m still strong
Your underestimations have been forsaken
Hell, I never want to belong.

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