I Seek

I seek
The light of knowledge
To illuminate my mind,
Awaken my intellect,
Lead me to intuition,
Understand my being,
Remove my doubts,
Banish my fears,
Gain clarity of thought,
And freed
From the four dimensions
And the four natural forces
And the mind,
Which keep me bound,
Make my activeness
Unravel for me
The sublime
Found only on the other side
Of the Sun.

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Comments (4)

to end and to start again with pain to start the journey of gain what else with us shall remain the gain or the promise of pain.......... wonderful and divine too....hats off
I read this poem repeatedly To digest it to its pure reasons Each time it brings me a new insight. Smooth flow of words Like that river that flows in the plain. Enjoyed the read. Thank you.
honest expression of refusal, , , so nice dear friend..
I like the last words too late--so end and start nice finale but a sure good way to make a beginning surely A++++and 10++ anjali