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I Know, I Know
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

I Know, I Know

Yes, I do care. Respecting what you say
has become like second nature.
Not that I would really need one.
You are the expert in these matters
and I am not, yet it occurs to me
that he who has a stake in anything
is given all of any benefit
that doubt could muster.
So, I am asking the mechanic
about the inner workings of the engine,
which I already know and understand.
I have decided now to all but totally dismiss
your unbecoming stipulations,
designed, I'm sure to make my matters worse.
Perhaps unfixeable, but due to your insertion
of old, pathetic and empirical shock drivel.
Have I not proven to you and the world of science
that rules are there for fuddy duddies only?
That I defy those rules and call you to my carpet,
not to discuss but to discredit what you say,
because I need to do it, not because of you.
So, just this once, I urge you to forget
your pompous clinical experience et al,
it's not like Fixx, he didn't have the ears
and that proved nothing other than bad luck.
Respecting science is my life's blue blood,
rejecting what is not for me is what I am.

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