I Know It Is Hard

I know it is hard to be happy when you are in financial strife
And you finding it a great battle as you struggle up the hill of life
Where so many do seem in trouble and about themselves they have to care
You are not the only one who has to struggle in a World where compassion is rare
Worrying will not make you live longer or make your worries go away
But few can laugh in the face of hardship that does seem a fair thing to say
Worrying about them will not solve your problems though to worry is a natural thing
You may as well laugh at your problems some heartease to you it will bring
I know it is hard to be happy when nothing for you does seem to go right
And life for you such a hard battle survival for you such a fight
Sometimes you feel it isn't worth it that the better days for you have gone
But like 'tis said hope springs eternal and hope helps you for to battle on
I know it is hard to be happy when you have to struggle to sleep
But 'twill only make things far worse for you if about it you constantly weep.

by Francis Duggan

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