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'Virgin Love'
(1850-1894 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

'Virgin Love'

Poem By MuRdA RhEE

Temperatures were rising, and I was turning you on,
We felt the rush inside each other, and I couldnt wait that long.
Ive been waiting for this day to share your first tine with you,
I wanted your first to be my last,
The sensual tension, between us both,
We made passionate love that wasnt average to most,
First the pain, u said take it slow,
But wait! were forgetting something, this we both know,
Being safe was the most important thing,
Set aside from all the pleasure making love brings.
I kept telling you baby 'I love you',
As you moaned 'I love you' back
First pain, then pleasure would come very soon,
I pleased yah body, exenuating the freaks inside you.
Then you said 'deeper baby deeper, you soon went in another state of mind.
I waited so long, and now the time finally came,
Your first time will always be cherished and it will never change.

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awwww, how sweet lol he even remembered to stay protected! ! that was unexpectedly cute though, +10