I Know Of Life

I know of life it is not meant to be easy though some advantaged by birth it does seem
To live as poor to none is an advantage poverty does little for one's self esteem
And yet for one to grow rich many seemingly grow poorer in a fair Human World it would not be this way
Though some will tell you we have our life choices words such as this seem easy for to say
What life choices have the poor luckless children who live homeless on Poverty Street
In their young years life for them is an uphill battle life's toughest challenges at an early age they meet
What chance in life have they of being successful not very much at all it would seem to me
Only the very most determined person can rise above the drag of poverty
In the Human World the social gap keeps widening it grows a little bigger by the day
That the majority of the World's finances controlled by the minority does seem a very sad thing for to say
But the Human World has been this way for centuries this is how it is and it will always be
And sadly things have not changed for the better in the early years of the twenty first century
For most people life is far from easy this does seem a fair thing for to say
And winners they always will be grinners and in life it has always been this way

by Francis Duggan

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