I Know Of Nature

I know of Nature her presence all around me but of her ways so little i do know
But having said that she is quite amazing and my wonder of her only grow and grow
We depend on her to live just like all of her other life forms this is a fact and fact does never lie
But like all of her life forms we are born as mortals and she alone the one who does not die
Super a word often used to describe some of the World's great Nations but she alone the World's only super power
The one out of tiny dark seeds who can create things of great beauty such as a tree or blade of grass or flower
She grow the food that we depend to live on but respect to her too few of us seem to pay
I too like many do take her for granted for i too am selfish in my human way
So little i can claim to know of Nature though i have loved her since i was a boy
Her beauty it is everywhere around me and learning new things of her i enjoy
The Goddess of Mother Earth the one who feeds us to her our very existence we owe
We dig her ground for wealth cut down her trees home for her wildlife and do our best to make of her a foe
I know of Nature but know little about her as her wonders many and her secrets are not few
For as long as we live we never do stop learning and every day of her we learn something new.

by Francis Duggan

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