I Know Of One

I know of one who fear in his coffin he may wake from the dead
With darkness and earth all around him and earth overhead
He does not wish to be cremated since fire he greatly fear
That his is a morbid fear of death does seem obviously clear
I suppose a fear of death is a natural thing
Though an end to worry and to suffering to all it does bring
But the fear of death at a young age in the mind is sown
It springs from the morbid fear of the unknown
The fear of death grows to a big fear from a tiny seed
And those who face death with bravery are brave people indeed
And though many the praises of the brave dead do sing
The great fear of death does not seem an unnatural thing
I know of one who fears in his coffin of waking from the dead
In darkness with earth all around him and over his head.

by Francis Duggan

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A scaryy thought Frances. Maybe a cell phone is needed.