I Know Only Poems With Rhyme

To the children of the world

I know only poems with rhyme
That stay in tune with ev’ry clime.
I know only poems with beat
That make me stand up on my feet.
When poets all have breathed their last,
And poems are buried in dust,
Then children will come out in time
To dig the poems, black with grime.
And when the cloud of dust is gone,
And children are through having fun,
They’ll throw away poems like lime
But pick up only those with rhyme.

by Gilbert Pangyarihan

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Comments (8)

Rhyme gives magical effect to poems and songs. It is, therefore, natural that melodious poems are liked by people in general and children in particular. Nice poem. Enjoyed reading.10 points.
Very nicely done. I like poems that rhyme also. Great job!
Rhyme poetry writing is true art and you wrote it with effectiveness.
How sweet to tell the beauty of rhymes with a rhyme.
Wonderful....... poem
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