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I Know She'Ll Be Alright (For Chelsey's 17th Birthday)
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Know She'Ll Be Alright (For Chelsey's 17th Birthday)

Poem By Mary Nagy

She's turning seventeen
still sweet
(and pure)
with a fire in her
that nobody will ever
be able to extinguish.

So much of her daily routine
use to revolve around me.
From her tiny little hands
waiting patiently
while I pour her
a bowl of Apple Jacks
to her tiny little toes
trying to wriggle free as I
work her black patent leather
dress shoe over her ruffley pink footies.

Now, she's a young woman
who really only needs me
if she chooses to.
I think she tries to need me
(for my sake) .
From her hands
now the same size as my own
frying us both an omelette
yet asking me for help
flipping it over
(as if she can't do it)
to her feet that
have passed my own size
yet still wait to be tucked in
each night by me.

I watch her
as she leaves for school today
with her long, blonde hair
ironed pin-straight to reach
well past the middle of her back.
She tosses on her favorite jeans
with the low-rise waist
(that always insist on needing
a tug every few minutes to stay up
where they belong)
and her way-too-favorite t-shirt
that cheers for the boy's football team on the front
and has her name on the back
in large, proud letters:

She won't leave
without her kiss/hug goodbye.
(I love that about her) .
As cool as she is...
she's not embarrassed
to call me from school and say
''I love you Mom''
each time before she hangs up
while I hear the guys in the background
mimicking her ''Yeah, I love you too mom! ''
She doesn't care
she just punches them hard in the arm
and tells them to buzz off!
I laugh as I hear them groan
from the solid hit.
That's my girl!

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Comments (14)

I like a poem that 'does business' - you're working out a practical problem here, getting a handle on an important relationship. It's a great way to get leverage.
Don't know why, but it is true- A son is a son till he marries a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life. Your Chelsey is beautiful, as is her mother, and she'll be lucky to grow up to be as nice as you. Scarlett
Fantastic Mary. And a very happy birthday to Chelsey from me. Oh to be seventeen again! ! ! ! Well in some ways, anyway! This is a lovely write and a pleasure to read. Love Ernestine XXX
Mother and daughter connecting beautifully to that line that is so precious, for it even keeps them together when they don't get on or are apart.Don't keep asking yourself if you have done enough.just look in the mirror one night and give yourself a pat on the back.Love Duncan
I think it all says, you're doing a great job, Mary!