I Know She Will Be There Forever

I know she will be there forever the one older than father time
The one who has inspired the artists and inspired the writers to song, story and rhyme
Old in the age of the dinosaurs and that was a long time ago
How old is she that's a good question that is not for humans to know.

Our life span can be measured in minutes in real time a century not long
We are mere mortals like other life forms and though some may see such thinking as wrong
I am only saying what I believe in we all look at life differently
Only Nature herself is immortal humans are born to mortality.

Mother Nature will live on forever her Seasons to her come and go
We depend on her for our existence the food that we eat she does grow
And yet we do not pay her the respect the respect that from us she is due
If we are not true to our Earth Mother to our own selves we cannot be true.

The Seasons are catching up on me my best days in life are long gone
I soon must return to Nature my biological clock ticking on
But in every part of the World her presence is on every shore
The wonderful Goddess of Nature the one who will live forever more.

by Francis Duggan

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