Jammu & Kashmir – The Paradise On Earth

Jammu & Kashmir – where snow-white mountains are immersed into deep meditation from pre-historic times

Jammu & Kashmir – where mountain streams are flowing with sweet sounds, as if little children are reciting their nursery rhymes.

Jammu & Kashmir – where green meadows, valleys of flowers and apple orchards are eagerly waiting to welcome you

Jammu & Kashmir – where you encounter experiences that are so unique and completely new.

Jammu & Kashmir – where you find colourful birds singing and chirping in dense green forests

Jammu & Kashmir – where you find local people to be always warm and smiling, looking gorgeous in their native dress.

Jammu & Kashmir – the place of magnificent Chinar trees, that stand so tall

Jammu & Kashmir – the land of Santoor (Indian musical instrument) and the world famous Pashmina shawl.

Jammu & Kashmir – the confluence of three great religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam

Visit the place at least once, and get enamoured by its beauty, splendour and charm.

by Raja Basu

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....wonderful poem, an excellent narrative ★