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I Know Somebody

Children are in the playground hours at a time,
Parents get a much deserved break for them it’s fine,
Many smiling faces as the ice cream truck drives near,
America The Beautiful, we all had very little fear.

Playing tag football in the park one Saturday afternoon,
Someone from the team limped off the field much too soon,
One guy's too rough while the others are way too rowdy,
Let’s hurry and finish the game, the skies are getting cloudy.

Eleven years ago to the day I met a young lady,
Wow, was she ever a sight for my sore eyes,
“Looks like you could use some ice packs” No, I said maybe dinner?
She smiled and said yes, not football but in life I was a winner.

Our relationship blossomed then the new suddenly turned old,
What sparkled with warmth and sunshine somehow became cold,
Over a decade of separation as we each went our own paths of hurt,
Too many years later why are we now members of the same church?

Like sand in an hourglass and the old-time slips away,
Or the sun replaces a moon as darkness is over taken by day,
When toddlers grow older and no longer cry, “I have to potty, ”
These are positive changes in my life because, “I Know Somebody, ”

Tell me, Jeff, exactly who is this Somebody that you know?
And what do you mean by saying He is everywhere you go?
How can He be standing here as we pray to make the total three?
Because in looking around, my friend, I still only see you and me.

Often I have wondered why you’re always at peace,
Situations that rattle me don’t disturb you in the least,
Same neighborhood and schools we grew up together,
How is it that when problems arise Jeff always come out better?

OK, I can start with that for I certainly know how to read,
Soon understanding there is only One necessary to please,
So that’s all there is? So much more it seems like it should cost,
Oh I definitely want to be found because I hate being lost.

At times you might feel that it is taking what seems like forever,
When you have doubt and don’t believe then the word is never.
Just stand and keep on standing, He will show up with faith,
Right after something happens you’ll see why you had to wait,

It is good to know that I’m no longer teetering on the brink,
So tired of people telling me ten different wrong ways to think,
Again, thank you so much, Jeff, for explaining exactly what is true,
I can’t wait till I can proudly declare that, “I Know Somebody” too.

w/TulsaButterfly & Jeff Ricky Cheeks

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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