JL (March 19,1994 / California)

I Know That I Can'T (Part 2)

I swore to you
he could never replace you
as you replaced him
although I don't like
to think of it as a replacement at all

you're so much better
and I've spent better times with you
I don't know who I've laughed harder with
there's so much I don't know

you've treated me better...
this time
but if I gave him another chance...

I know that I can't
even though he needs my help
and he only wants my friendship
even though you don't need anyone
to keep you smiling
like he and I do...

just no.

I know that I can't undo
what he did
the hurt and betrayal
when you did nothing to hurt me...

I love you.

but what if I love him, too?
like a brother, like a friend
I love him and want to protect him...

but he didn't protect me.

I love him for all the wrong reasons
and I am in his mind and not his heart
and same goes for him...

but not for you.
I love you more than anything
and I can't let that escape
I know that I can't

I want to forget him
but it's so hard
when he keeps saying he's sorry
and I know he means it

and doesn't everybody
deserve a second chance?

even if they do...

I know that I can't.

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