JL (March 19,1994 / California)

I Know That I Can'T (Part 3)

if lying was against the law
then I would never make it
especially if you asked me how I felt about you
I'd have to admit the worst of what is true

I think she's right, that if you knew
you would confront me about everything
you would tell me that it won't work out for us
and that I should already know that about us

because honestly, I do know, and I care
but sometimes it's hard to repress these feelings
when we accidentally touch when we're together
when you say something that I'll remember forever

I should forget about it, but I can't
that's something you know about me
I'm a little too willing to forgive
I'm a little too unwilling to forget

I'm embarrassed to admit to myself
that I think I love you more than you know
in ways you may never understand
and if you knew, if I told you...

I shouldn't even imagine because
I know that I can't

I can't tell you
I can't reveal my secret
if you asked me today
I wouldn't know what to say

I could always lie to your face
or I could risk telling you the truth
maybe you wouldn't be affected by it
but maybe you would

and for that reason
I will let my love be bottled up inside me
never to be released
for fear that one day this will all be over

I could tell you

but I know that I can't

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