I Know That Times On You Are Not Easy

I know that times on you are not easy and I know that you are doing it tough
But you have a home, wife and family the homeless out there sleeping rough
There are many far worse off than you are and to see them you need not go far
A half an hour walk down your suburb or a three minutes drive in your car
Compared to their's your's are small worries you do not know of real poverty
Though you do not look at things that way and with what I say you do not agree
The circumstances of others does not affect us we all have our own cares no doubt
But the more compassionate can look beyond themselves the people the Human World cannot do without
I know you've been doing it tough lately but compared to many you are living quite well
There are millions of people out there who are living in their Earthly Hell
Few wish to know of the hardships of others to our own problems we can only relate
Yet those who do care about others are those nearing the status of great
I know that times on you are not easy but millions worse off than you in the big World out there
In the World are many homeless people and they now can be found everywhere.

by Francis Duggan

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