SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

I Know There Is So Much More In Me

I know there is so much more in me
I could have given
So much more
I could have been
I know even know
Old as I am
There is still more I could give
More I could be
I have so many songs unsung
And unwritten
So many melodies
So much humor
And capacity
To make others laugh
I could have done more
I could have been something else
Even as a writer
I could have been a lot better
Than I have been
Had I known to learn more from others
To be more patient and more careful
Perhaps I could have produced a far better work
Than what I have done now
I could have been
But most of the time for that is gone
I can try more now
But most likely I will die
Never having been the best
Of what I could have been
I try and try
And am not good enough
Perhaps for this
I should try to forgive myself
For what am I after all?
What is anyone
In God's too vast world?

by Shalom Freedman

Comments (1)

The message was great, but it was the rhythm that pushed me through the piece; the highs and lows, the meter-it was perfect.