I Know This Feeling 2005

I Know This Feeling 2005
i've been thinking about you lately

nice lips how i wished that they touched mines
personality was WOW!
talking to me was the opposite of outch
you deserve someone to hold you as a person high
personafy the beginning of this summer
chillin with I, I just want to see your smile
if you cry then just relax
my punctured lung, i laugh
instant of the depressing past
i get high for days
the indica, stiva and ganga just wont wish them away
wish god heard me pray
i saw you in my dreams
hugging and saying how much you want me to stay
pretended to be happy
i give a fake smile
i held you before the day before last
you got man now the thing is that i want you bad
why you wont call back

by Tony Avila

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