I Know We’ll Be Together Again

Neither the sun at noon
Or the soft breeze at dusk
Nor the dizzying midnight moon
Is required when I see you smile,
I’m child-like beside you,
Always whispering love
Into your ear,
Wanting you to hear
The rhythm of my heartbeats,
Never doubt what you mean to me,
I saw you growing up,
Adorable and dream-like and laughing
With your older sister,
And I cannot resist saying
Time has been your ally,
Your beautiful, feminine mystique
Only increases with intensity,
I know we’ll be together again
On café streets
Reciting sacred poetry
As small birds serenade us
On an avenue of trees.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (6)

ah Uriah your poems are so refreshing and heart warming, I liked this one a lot :) HBH
This one is so special, Uriah; it speaks to the power of memory and the love that always burns for the ideal. No matter how much time passes, there is always the hope that one day that object of love will notice and that you can be that which you most desire in your heart. This is a Romantic's anthem, its beat pure love from the heart elevated to the ideal. Fine write. Hugh
I love the 'childhood crush' that lasted through the years.......remembering her with her sister. You have such a romantic view of the world, to see through your eyes even for only a day would be a gift. Sincerely, Mary
This poem is to me what lemon is to lemonade. Uriah, such a wonderful, heartfelt poem. Very nice. Lawrence
The dream survives in this eloquent poem that has the aura of an eternal spring. Warm regards, Sandra
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