I Know You Devil

I know you devil,
I know you of old,
I’ve heard your name,
A thousand-fold.

You were there when Adam,
Came to be,
You were there when Moses,
Parted the sea.

You were always there,
To lead me astray,
Although I know you,
There is no way.

I can detect you,
Although you're so close,
Like a thief in the night,
You appear like a ghost.

Goading me, coaxing me,
Telling me stuff,
They sound like my thoughts,
This could be tough.

Stay away, stay away,
Stay out of my ear,
When I do as you say,
One thing is clear.

When I listen to you,
I’m doomed for disaster,
Stay away from me devil,
I can hear your laughter.

Must keep you away,
You horrible thing,
No more shall you rule,
My mind like a King.

by Aisha Sherazi

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