I Know You (Elegy For That Which We Knew)

Poem By Jonathan Colby

Memory splinters and cracks in soft traces,
Through multihued truths; forward suddenly.
Together, perchance, a seasonal grace,
We may both do by each other kindly

Cradles for You in the snowfields of Mind,
Sway in quivers of dark but light laughter.
Warm words through to a cold caress, sublime:
Honor that which I've asked of the Dreamer.

Serpentine eyes amid daisy head smiles,
Bespeak of desire, digress from nature.
Character crack-ups expand on a while;
While manifest circumstances mature.

Human conditions, initial; as such,
Bifurcate in the texture of chaos
Amid a noisome and frightening rush,
A crackling memory of futures, lost.

Announcing the dream wakens the Sleeper,
Trace of an iris I've been drowning in
I knew You'd awake, sooner than later,
I dreamed You; I know You, Lady From Within.

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