* I Leave My Heart With You *

I met a friend
She dreams
about the summer
The flowers are on the table

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof Click to read full poem

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Stop AIDS by no sins!
This poem really brought tears to my eyes...so beautiful and gentle... and no doubt this poem created awareness! HATS OFF TO YOU! ! ! I also checked out the song on youtube.... thanks for telling us about the song...
wow, this one is very powerful yet simple, at least at first, only because I dont understand the last 2 words! lol, im gonna look them up tho...
I met a friend She dreams about the summer The flowers are on the table Soon, .simple butso sad composition with clar message...i liked its presentation....10 read mine.....................fine with out you
simple, beautiful and very heart melting write and it surely did a splendid job to wake the awareness which have been forgotten in the rush of life...many many thanks with 10+++++++++++ rgds asif
this poem has really brought awareness to me and has given me the strenght to stay committed to my purity... Thank you for this poem
i don't know if i commented already, but i love it and i had a cousin that died from AIDS
That was a Very, Very, poignant poem... Tear-inducing (but in a Good Way) ... When I got to read the notes at the end... it touched my heart to know, this was living poetry... Thank You for Welcoming me to the Hunter... Very Nice Poem MoonBee
I met a friend She dreams about the summer. Rachel Ann Butler
Heartfelt and touching.
very touching, saddie one.
that was beautiful poem man great poem
touchy and sad poem, keep it up!
'Tis a sad, yet beautiful poem. It makes me feel and think of out world as it stands today. A world in which I want to fix.
It is a great title and poem...u leave me wanting more! ! ! could be a good title to my next poem...thanks Sulaiman...by the way your not related to Sultan Yusof by any chance? , he was a master poet! ! !
An amaising poem.It will help Anna to live forever.
yes i love the tittle, and the poem is filled with sadness and so much meaning.. wonderful tribute.. wonderful write
An absolute gem! ! Wonderful tribute...the tragedy of AIDS affects us all. Anna
like it keep it up........................
love the poem... The title is catchy and the poem is sad and touching...