(24 December 1818 – 23 September 1889 / London Road / Southwark / England)

The Italian Side Of France

All my life long, I loved France:
Nice the place, people, food and fragrance.
And yet there is something
That I can't understand:
Is why they slowly slowly
Are buying Italy...my land.

'La Gioconda' is the first stone,
The most famous Picture in the world
It came from Vinci, a small town
Very close to Florence and to my home.
4000 Ducats the French King did pay
For what has inestimable price today.

'Le Canard A L'Orange' famed French dish
'Duck In Orange Souce'
From Caterina De' Medici in France it was brought.
I think that King Henry II, enjoyed it at most,
Because he inserted it in the Royal recipes..
And another thing was lost.

French Masks: Scaramouche and Pierrot,
Originally Scaramuccia and Pedrolino: Italian both.
And I'm afraid that..changing side
As it was for Corsica and Nizza,
We will see panels writing:
'Enjoy the French dish Pizza'.

And I like this envy, in a way it makes me glad,
It means that after all, Italy is not so bad.
Once I asked to the Boss of a French Restaurant:
'Mister we are in France, an then
Why people here when talking, like those in the corner,
say always: 'Les Italiens Les Italiens? '.

I don't know if was sincerity
Or respect for me that he said:
'Because everywhere, every land,
In which a french man reached the shore,
Always he found an Italian
Arrived there before'.

After the world war II, ..I read it all..
How USA and Uk stopped Charles De Gaulle.
As he was very clever..and I can understand..
Wanted to take Italy till to Tuscany: my Land!
And so I must thank l'Amerique et l'Angleterre,
If my name is 'Pietro'....and not...'Pierre'! !


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Beautiful poem, Thank you for sharing
" The fountain spring within my soul is playing in mine eye" Marvelous display of emotions and their intensity is simply stunning. Well deserved classic poem of the Day.
The fountain spring within my soul is playing in mine eye; I do not blush to own the tear, - let, let it touch my cheek, And what my lip has failed to tell, that drop perchance may speak. a very good poem full of emotions. tony
First and dearest loved! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Beautiful. Love is essence and inspiration. It is strength of life.
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