I Left A Poem

I left a poem on the side of the highway last night.

With every exhale, words, like litter, escaped me
To flee-float out and about and along,
Only to land soon thereafter in a series of tiny little thuds
On the side of the road.

There, with the cigarettes butts and empty soda cans…
There, with shredded paper and one inexplicably-single lost shoe…
There, without conscious thought, and perhaps necessarily so,
I dumped it.

I thought, 'Maybe I should have rolled the windows up'.
Then, it occurred to me...

I left a poem on the side of the highway last night -
Right where it belonged.

by Christine Austin Cole

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Comments (15)

sweet words. like ur poem :)
very good clever poem love it10+++++
How we get into writing a poem is to leave our words on the highway first....is it? interesting
wow..this is an awesome write..Love it
A very good write, however, don't put any more of your poems along the highway, someone else may find them. I give you a ten plus also please read and give your opinion of my poem 'The Brightest Star'
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