Classical Guitar

Memories of other centuries
live within this instrument,
slipping along twisting streets
within ancient walled cities.

This music serves up bowls
of steamy, colorful paella
cooked fresh from the sea,
memories of making love
beside a fiery bougainvillea,
sounds of quick feet stomping
a hot blooded, racy flamenco.

Yet there is gentleness here,
quiet tones soothing anxiety,
tunes playing on the heart
the memory, the dreams of old love
and new. It speaks of a mysterious,
elegant simplicity…

A candle glowing in the dark,
praying in a Romanesque church,
two lovers sharing red wine
and the soft sounds of a Latin language
sung in the golden music of love.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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sweet words. like ur poem :)
very good clever poem love it10+++++
How we get into writing a poem is to leave our words on the highway it? interesting
wow..this is an awesome write..Love it
A very good write, however, don't put any more of your poems along the highway, someone else may find them. I give you a ten plus also please read and give your opinion of my poem 'The Brightest Star'
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