I Let U Go Baby

Without mistake
I loved U so baby

But i drive myself crazy
although i know

U got sb
In your mind

I went through a very hard period
To forget u

it passes 6 months
but why i can't still forget u?

May b i m addicted to someone
so much..

But it is true that
I love u so baby...

Now i can't breathe
that i can't stand of that pain

I m more than sad
I m more than miss u

I dun know what is happening
to me...

But sure thing is
that i cant breathe

I wanna cry so much
but my tears dun come out
but jus flow in to my heart

Now i quietly pray
To get your love...

I know that we can't meet
This life forever..

But if there is next life,
Pls Venus, dun ignore me..

I wanna win his love
I surely wanna be his love!

Now, What i can do is
Jus pray...

I wish my tears to flow outside
But that wish never full filled!

Surely I love U
Wish I can forget U

Love U, , ,
Will meet in next life, , ,

But i dun wanna feel that heart break again

by moon light

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nice poem, I really like it, the flow is good also, Moon, Keep the light coming, and you will advance more and more as time goes by, read hard.Maxim Muyu.