I Let You Go

I let you go
And just to think
That you’ll slowly sink
Is a wonderful dream now!

Go, wherever you wish
And don’t come back to me
I don’t hold the leash.....anymore
I’m letting you go

I let you go
As, now I got the hint
You want to glow
On your own...

Go, wherever you want
Go and never come back
Don’t wish.... that I’ll stop you....
Sorry, that I can’t

One day may be, you’ll want me back
One day may be you’ll search for this leash
I wonder, that day.... this leash
Will it be empty, as you wish?

by Saurabh Som

Comments (2)

u started off nicely but know what..i did not liked its ending... think of some other end....
May not be, after all.............