I Let You Go

Checking the wall of my soul
I found embedded, your presence
in that corner limit between love and desire.
I stopped, and I wondered
if our romance was true love or a desire only,
that it devoured us so sweetly.
Today after many years,
I realize that our affair was a lot more than carnal desire...
it intoxicated us every night.
I would lie if I said that it was similar to the love I feel now,
Because I let you go when I had a whole world to share
with you and my heart did not cry with your leaving.
But I want you know, wherever you are,
if any time that destiny places you in front of these lines,
my heart never forgot the wonderful moments that we lived.
Under the heat of our juvenile passion.
When I go to the university, I believe I see your virtual image
with her white uniform.
Remembering that her love was greater than mine.
My heart let you go and you passed to live forever in my soul! !


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