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I Lie

have never sipped you.
Those skims you stole, the tongue you swept,
they were all lies I lied for you, I killed for you
the laugh that met my lips, the lips you slit;
have you not?
I have not
cared ever of your grin, I never shared it,
no combing have I made with my strands
upon your funnel, your
hips, fingers, your
a slithering fragrance, which I have
inhaled, exhaled,
while mooningly glancing toward
your gems, your eyes, your voids,
those that I shan't ever remember.
I have never your name whispered, hummed,
screamed in your decay, or mine,
I have never even heard your name;
never have I known you, and thus
have never loved you.

by Angelica Bustle

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Interesting way of putting out your heart and emotions. Good