(21 July 1899 - 2 July 1961 / Oak Park, Illinois)

I Like Canadians

By A Foreigner

I like Canadians.
They are so unlike Americans.
They go home at night.
Their cigarettes don't smell bad.
Their hats fit.
They really believe that they won the war.
They don't believe in Literature.
They think Art has been exaggerated.
But they are wonderful on ice skates.
A few of them are very rich.
But when they are rich they buy more horses
Than motor cars.
Chicago calls Toronto a puritan town.
But both boxing and horse-racing are illegal
In Chicago.
Nobody works on Sunday.
That doesn't make me mad.
There is only one Woodbine.
But were you ever at Blue Bonnets?
If you kill somebody with a motor car in Ontario
You are liable to go to jail.
So it isn't done.
There have been over 500 people killed by motor cars
In Chicago
So far this year.
It is hard to get rich in Canada.
But it is easy to make money.
There are too many tea rooms.
But, then, there are no cabarets.
If you tip a waiter a quarter
He says 'Thank you.'
Instead of calling the bouncer.
They let women stand up in the street cars.
Even if they are good-looking.
They are all in a hurry to get home to supper
And their radio sets.
They are a fine people.
I like them.

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A little known fact about Hemingway and Canada: after the Cuban Revolution, he refused Washington’s request that he denounce Castro. He was tricked into the Mayo Clinic and received electric shock “therapy” but continued to send money to the staff of his Cuban home — but routed it though Canadian banks. Read more at.necessarystorms. Comments and criticisms welcome.
he could have made that poem as long as the Mahabharata
I like Canadians also, going by the teachers from that country who came to Auckland to teach. They taught well, spoke well with an accent close to American. I also like Hemingway's novels, 'The Old man and the Sea', 'The Sun Also Rises', 'Islands in the Stream', and others. He had a memorable writing style.
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Writing your mind out! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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