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I Like Saying Hmmm
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

I Like Saying Hmmm

gives me some time to think
gives me a moment before turning pink
i make my sounds to distract when im nervous when i want to act
so either just to mess with you... this is my pact
when i make a sound you can just guess uh ok?
you better say
ok this very day
hmmmmmmm erm uh huh? why is this?
cuz i said so
its time you go
hmmmmm uh erm uh huh dont ask me whats your problem man?
because my problem is not yours but mine hows that dan
actually i dont know many people named dan... its gotta rhyme
at least this time
hmmm erm uh huh.... deal with it

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i love it...very creative..~your loving friend hazel