True Happiness

The warmth of the sun,
The touch of your hand,
The waves against my feet,
This is true happiness.

My father’s smile,
My mother’s laughter,
My brother’s love,
This is true happiness.

Making you laugh,
Making you smile,
Making you see that there’s more to me,
This is true happiness.

Doing this,
Feeling, emoting,
This is true happiness.

Dancing, but not only dancing,
Giving it my whole, my being,
Becoming the dance,
This is true happiness.

Seeing your face when you realize
That I’m always me, with or without you.
Me realizing that I don’t need you.
This is true happiness.

by Gabriell Davis

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I did not go to a thatch school, but I went to a school with nuns, who tried to teach me the meaning of life. I'm still trying to find a true meaning after all these years.
A fascinating collage of images running the full gamut from gentleness to violence. Imagination could do no more. A fine poem, Nimal. Kindest regards, Sandra
Alot of wisdom in this one Nimal.
a lot of very lovely images, Nimal. (I'm right in front of you in the Poetry queue today. Finally wrote another short poem.) Very lovely ones. The violent ones at the end, after the so-endearing ones of your village and mom, are very jarring. I'm not telling you to change it, though.