- -My Stella - 43

- - My stella -43
Forgive me for my love

I loved thee, kissed thee and embraced thee,
I did what my panting heart wished,
I smelled thee and breathed with heart intercepted and choked.
With half - lost mind thou entered my being,
With thought oppressed might be by unknown
Unrevealed, and incognito uptake.
I held thee tight breast upon breast and wind
Stunned and ceased in my heart besieged erelong.
Cogitation, sedate and tranquil, debuts to my
dismal being.
Smiling face thou endued though atrophied for
Funk foreign.
Trembled heart lost its goodness and woundpectoralpushedme pop on the nether world.
O Stella the world was ponderous on thy modesty andI was split to naught.
Thy decorum with elegant looks without verboseinfiltrated into my guileless shrine.
Completion of metaphysical cohesion and alchemy of opposed wit expunges my
mindless spirit.
Will thou forgive me for this undue, fitful and figurative fancy?
Will thou?
The sky within vast though cumbersome for its infinitude,
Forgive me o Stella, my no mind's finery, for thiseuphoria of my incorporeal soul.

by Prabir Gayen

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