I Like Walmart

I like to go to Walmart - and shopping there is really swell.
Buying stuff made by boys and girls who live a life of hell.
I like to go to Walmart - I don't even have to speak Chinese
I only have to know their symbols - made to surely tease.

Yes, each employee on welfare and part time minimum wage
They offer me their roll back special - and this is what I crave.
Dear Walmart: Oh Mighty Empire - Commerce Hearth.
Thank God for you - for you are Legion - the salt of our earth.

I like to shop at Walmart most every single day
Knowing that when I do -, a 12 year old will pay.
My Doggie food, my Paper Plates, Pills, and Elmer's glue
Wow, all made in Mainland China, especially for me and you.

Yes, I saved a bundle, I saved a bunch, and now they ARE the store.
Beacuse moms and pops left and Walmart - us its Wore.
Yes I will shop at Walmart, just just like the advertisement said.
Then lay my head on pillows made of - Children's Bones and Bread.

by Brian McBrand

Comments (2)

Ha ha... I hate this chain (for what they stand for) and you've covered that topic most eloquently! HG: -) xx
WOW...A call to our consciousness. Well Done! Thanks!