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I Like Window Cleaner. Emo
HB harold babe ( / hell)

I Like Window Cleaner. Emo

it tastes fuzzy and warm
caressing through the hollow thoughts in my numb broken lifless mind
it gives me thrills
to know im drinking window sills

the window sillness is trickilng through my depression
i think i am high
i can touch the sky
fuzzy bear

massive crash
i am now emo
the sink runs red with my blood
i want more window cleaner
made me feel so alive
minus the dead bit...

no mr fuzzy bear i want to touch u
hee hee lol
oh wow i just woke up again
not again mums cooking pizza again

maybe more window cleaner can help that...

i like extra cheese with my window cleaner.

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Comments (2)

Deep man.... so filled with compassion. Only a true poem writer would understand the inspiring words of this lovely piece.
this really reprsesents how i feel and it just shows how deep i am. i hope you readers can understand that i truly am a really deep person. deep.