The Blood Countess (Elizabeth Bathory)

A dark haired beauty of tender years
Is touched by evil and kindles fears
A malignant force runs through her veins
A soulless shell as blood she rains
Fair servant girls she does enslave
Tortured and bleed in ways depraved

In her huge castle of broken mirrors,
Where screams are concealed in it’s terror,
Her accursed desire stirs everyday.
As drinking blood lets her outstay.
Old skin renewed in the bloody baths.
The innocent saturated by her wrath.

Teeth rip and tear as flesh she devours
650 died to engorge youthful powers
Buckets of blood ran across her floor
Like waves lapping against evil’s shore
Wickedness built its roots in the air
Forsaken, by her deeds, was the snare,

To be forever the darkness bride,
No matter how hard she had tried
Hate blocked her way to forgiveness
Surrounded by bloody madness
When girls she picked from nobility
Authorities approached with hostility

by T.James Becker

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