I Listen

The sun rises
The gentle winds blow.
A bird sings
A dog barks
As a cat scampers across the street.
I Listen.

The planes fly high
The cars racing on the expressway.
The steam from office buildings
The horns trucker's blow
As the day moves on.
I Listen.

Food cooks for lunch
News on the TV
Neighbors wave to one another
No one says a word
Like have a nice day.
I Listen.

A baby's cry
A mother is gone
A father who is absent
A family that is heart broken
No time for love to be shown.
I Listen.

The evening sun sets
People scronging around.
Someone goes out for entertainment
While others yearn and pine
Yet are just left alone.
I Listen.

Someone goes to bed
With their hearts at ease.
While others can't sleep
For responsibility runs rampant
Deep inside their heads.
I Listen.

With a glimpse of hope
Situations compare the same
Everyones sees a problem.
Their tested pressures go unsaid
But reaches to overcome even the deepest threat.
I Listen.

The disdainment of understanding.
The profanity of omission.
The devastation of neglect.
The destruction of relationships
And the separation of commitments.
I Listen.

The sun rises as the planes fly.
Food cooks as babies cry.
The sun again sets
And someone goes to bed
But with a glimpse of hope
I Listen.

by Cecelia Weir

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