I Live In A Corrugated Meaning...

I live in a corrugated meaning
That grasps the same color of a callous moon
Pasting its shadow on the surreal labyrinths of heedless justice
Not knowing what thruth it holds, if any...

I grope through a plastic banality
Resenting this ironic masquerade
Like a child caught in the act
Left to justify my indignance

I stand at the edge of all discernment
Listening to the caustic knell of ignornace
Reverberating through this lonely chasm
Left with the biting instincts engraved in the back of my mind
That primal refrain singing
To love and to be loved
Let's just hope that is enough

by Audrey Stephenson

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'To love and to be loved'- we shall go all out in the society! Great poem and good message!