I Live In Silence Awaiting

Words have left me for awhile
My heart became mute
My thoughts was never uttered
Pain of waiting has numbed my bones

Yet my heart throb
With flickering hope
Faith so small yet so strong
The Lord of my life will rise once more
Conquering the nothingness of my core
Time has come for my spirit
Ablaze with fire

O Lord how I ache
My eyes have stopped crying
My pain no more
Shallow but its depth
Rooted into my soul

Yet I still await for your promise
You have been silent for quite a long time
But my heart tells me
You love me more than I can believe

The promise will come soon
Then I will have another life to begin
Another battle to win

O Lord how I cry in silence
My soul longs for you
And my flesh yearns for your touch

Heal me Lord
Come and heal me
Your joy has remained in me
But loneliness creeps in wanting to devour me

O Lord come hear my cry
Hold me in your arms
Rack me as I Sleep
Let my heart rest O God in your bosom
Hold me that I may not loose you
Such trials I live in silence

by Rita Umali

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