MJB (Pasig City, Phil. / October 12,1984)

I Live Life

I will give my life for you
Do you know that it’s true
Coz I know my heart was made
Just for you… for you


Help me baby
I think I’m going insane
Everytime you cross my mind
I forget what it’s like
To cry

I’ve tried so many times
To erase you out of my mind
But the more I tried
The more I crave for your smile… your smile

I live my life
Give what my heart desires
Just to reach you
And for your love
Everytime you smile at me
I forget all my fears
I live life
With just one smile

I live for this moment
First time, you smile
It makes me feel alright
Can’t define (can’t define)
The way you touch my life
With your smile

I live my life
With my dreams
With my fears
And it’s what makes me real

I live my life
To love
And to cry
And to feel that
One special smile

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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