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I Lived, I Breathed...
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I Lived, I Breathed...

Poem By Matthew Bresette

I lived, I breathed, I did everything that I wanted to do, I had everything I ever wanted, until I died, then everything changed.
Everything crashed from there.
I soon found out that I had no true friends.
All the friends I had, only cared about all of my possessions but not about me.
They only pretended that they cared, what they were really interested in was all the things I gave them. I gave them al they ever wanted. Our friendship was based on the things that I gave them. They were the best of friends when I had money. Now, the money is gone and what is left? Nothing. All of my so called “friends” left and never even looked back, there was nothing to hold them there. What held all of my “friends” together was money and now the money is gone, so is my fake “friends”, I now see the true side of them.
I soon learned that possessions were useless once you were dead. Nothing passes through the gate of the dead except your spirit, your soul and nothing else besides those. You may try to take other things but you will not succeed. Try it, if you DARE?

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