I'Ll Always Love You

I'm sick of all this fighting
why can't you see?
I always feel like hiding
whenever you're with me.
I'm never myself
whenever you're around,
I want to protect myself
from sinking to the ground.
To do this, I lock myself away,
hoping you can't see
all this hurt and pain
it's causing me.
But know I'll always love you
and I don't like it this way.
I hope it gets better soon,
but 'til then I'll just be brave.
I'll try to escape
and face my fears,
'though I know this can't be done
without shedding a few tears.
I don't want to hurt you,
that too would hurt me,
I just want to get along,
wouldn't you agree?
I agree that things should change,
'though maybe not in the same ways,
we nee to get on the same page,
maybe then we'll have better days.

by beautiful imperfection

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