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I'Ll Always Remember........

Dedicated to:
Michael H. Easley

I'll always remember when we met
It's deffinitly a time I don't regret
All the times I needed and you were there
On time without a minute to spare...
How tough it was to open your heart
Not wanting to spend a second apart
Feeling love for you for the first time
Thinking I was greedy for calling you mine
The love we shared, it was the best
Pulling stunts, telling you 'NEXT'.....
The fights we had that somehow needed to be
The passion we felt at an intense degree
The sepperation, although my love was still there
The feeling of desperation, letting go, knowing I still care
Missing you and hurting because our paths parted ways..
Wondering when I'll see brighter days..
I'll always remember you
I hope you're doing fine
I never want to forget what we had
In our time.....

Written by
Lisa Elaine Chapman

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