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I'll Be Leaving You Forever
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I'll Be Leaving You Forever

Poem By Ramona Thompson

Rewrite of New Kids On The Block I'll Be Loving You Forever


I'm not that kind of girl

Who will take a broken heart

So guess I'm gonna have to leave

Now that your lies have

Driven us apart

The very thought of staying with you now means

That my everything would go down under


Boy, I'll be leaving you forever

Because you could't let those other women be

I'll be leaving you forever

All this is over between you and me, yeah

I'll be leaving you

I'll be leaving you

Leaving you

For the cruel things you do

Yeah, its over forever

I'll be leaving you

I'll be

I'll be leaving you

Leaving you, yeah

It's sad but true

Boy, you've run out of my blessings

To keep our love new

You're no more the one for me

I'm a million times over you

There's just no more left to say

Now when I look at you

All my thoughts

Just don't run the same way


It's gone too far to ever turn back now

This love is done forever

Can't you see the writing on the wall now?


2018 Ramona Thompson

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Comments (14)

A beautiful sonorous piece elegantly crafted in persuasive expressions with conviction. Very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing, Ramona.
What a great write! ... congrats on chosen as the PoD
Deep feelings, brilliantly presented. Wonderful lyrics….great poem of the day. Congratulations, Ramona.
A nice poem indeed. Liked it. Thanks for sharing.
Loved it...very nice