I'Ll Be Lying To You

im starring into the sky
gazing at the stars
wondering why i'd lie
if it would leave perminite scars

it doesnt make any sence
but i'll tell you i hate you
i'll smirk and laugh in your direction
because you'll think its true
im going to
loudly yell
but you wont complain
i can tell

believing me is going to hurt
after all you've never known
a soul of my sort
im going to kill you inside
just look away and wait
theres no where you can hide

i know hyour next move
what step you will take first
and the next place
for me you'll search
you cant turn to run
im watching you
as closely as the sun

i've come
and you will burn
bu now you should know
its your turn to burn
you have yourself to blame
you knew eventually
i'd leave
and you'd never be the same

i'll say, 'i've found someone new, '
but i'll leave nothing more detailed
just leaving you with
various clues
i will tell you
'i cheated'
and you'll just look away
wondering what else i had to say

but by then
i'll be laughing in your face
i'll be leaving behind
of me no trace
i'll tell you'
'sit down
what are you standing for?
calm down
no one wants your emotions tour.'

i'll continue with
this isnt a lie
know im lying in your face
but you wont know that
so you'll take it in with a quick embrace
this all may not seem fair
but i want him to hate me
and to forget
he ever cared

i want him to hate
my nere exsistance
and i wish that i would sink
below the earths surface
i cant explain it
but he needs to loathe me
because he cant love me
dont you see?
after awhile

he would have had enough
so he'll walk away
saying 'this is too much'
thats what i want though, right?
him to leave to get out of my life
then i'll remember my reason why
i'll know this is what i had to do
tell him the worst lie

i'm going to save him
from drowning in my heart
im going to kill him first
before he can tare my apart
i cant allow
him to break me
so i'll let him go
before that is a possibility

i'll tell him a lie
so he can never hurt me
i'll tell him a lie
so we cant be
gonna give him everything
that isnt true
to free myself from love
something that includes you

so i'll lie
but he doesnt know
so myabe be'll cry
but at least i'll be the one
to have let him go
if i didnt mention this
i'll be lying to you

so i hope you will read my thoughts
and know everything
im about to tell you
isnt true

by Selina Munsey

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