BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

I'Ll Be There (His Words Spoken To The Wind)

When wild vines choke the road and thick leaves block the sky,
leaving you lost under a canopy of darkness - I'll be there.

When the paths before you look foreign and strange,
and the signs all point to nowhere - I'll be there.

The day you decide to use me and betray the feelings we once shared,
turning forked tongue toward my waiting ear - I'll be there.

When the end comes and forces us to part and you walk away,
leaving me alone on a rocky pier - I'll be there.

Soon enough you will realize what you have lost,
and in a vain attempt to reclaim my love.
You search for me where I was as if frozen in time,
but you find only a memory with words frozen on its lips.
'I'll be there.'

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