I'Ll Be Waiting Here...

So far away, across the land,
A forbidden love I did create.
To young, pure souls, had fallen in love.
Though the distance was much too great.

As time went by, no little things
Had torn me limb from limb.
But once my walls came down, at last.
My heart belonged to him.

The beautiful couple of the purest love
Began to wither and die.
And soon enough, what I feared became.
And he said to me 'Goodbye.'

'We cannot be friends, ' I protest.
'You know we're more than that.'
But still he simply says nothing...
My angel has turned to a dirty rat.

But my love for him will never die.
I'll never let him go.
I'll wait for him until the end of time
And this, I hope he knows.

My heart is burned with his hands.
My flesh bares the scars of his name.
My heart was healed, then ripped from my chest.
I just pray my love was not in vain.

Good night my love.
Remember me, please.
Don't leave me here debating
Will you take me back?
Will you ask for forgivness?
Or will I be left here waiting...?

by Nadia Gray

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The expression of the kind of love you described is somthing to reckon with, many young loves plunged to forbidden relationships maybe because of many factors: sex -drive heat, admiration, physical attraction, money, peer pressures, fun, etc. Young though that what they feel is true love, only later that they know it was mere infatuation. many became victims to it. However, if it is love they feel in such relationship, sobe it. Fot it is better to have loved and lost than never love at all. Good write, take my 10.