I'Ll Be Your Hero

I know that you’re in danger
I can hear your cry
You need a savior
To protect you in your life
Don’t worry because I’m right here
Watching your every move
You’ll never have to fear
When I’m looking out for you
I’ll be your hero
I’ll watch you as you sleep
I’ll be right outside your window
Letting you rest in peace
I’ll shelter you in a tower
So no one can get through
I’ll protect you with my powers
So no one can mess with you
I’ll get you whatever you need
I’ll show you that I care
You’ll never feel me leave
Because I’ll always be right there
When others won’t help you
I’ll be the first in line
Don’t ever feel nobody loves you
Cause love in me you’ll always find
I’ll be your hero
I’ll face your greatest fears
You’ll never ever feel alone
Cause I’ll always be right here

by Sugar Bear

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I really enjoyed this poem! !