(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I'Ll Be Your Hostage

You've driven me to senselessness.
And as a passenger sitting I do not object.
I need this ride that would take me away,
From the seriousness of everyday conflicts.
And acts of betrayal on display feeding craze.

You've driven me to senselessness.
And I like the mysteriousness of it. Every bit.
No longer do I have to be abused by delusions.
Or truth excused by those refusing it to accept.
For however long it lasts, I'll be your hostage.

It's my turn.
Take off the blindfold.'

Where are we now?

'I have no idea.
None of it looks familiar.'

That's a relief.
Unlike you...
I'll be asking no one for directions.

'Head in that direction.
It looks calm and peaceful.'

Let's pray it is not a mirage.

'I doubt it.'

Why do you say that?

'People of the same sex are holding hands.
And not one of them has a gun.'

What are we going to do with ours?

'Keep them in the trunk.
I don't think we will have a need for them.
What should I do with the blindfold? '

Put it on.
I'll tape your mouth and tie your hands.
I want them to believe I've rescued you.
Hopefully they will accept us and not feel threatened.

'I hope they don't become suspicious.'

Why do you say that?

'We've never held hands in public.
Or admitted to other things we share.'

First things first.
Put on the blindfold.

'Something tells me,
They will find us more ridiculous...
With only that left to suspect.'

Tie my hands.
I'm putting on the blindfold.
Then shut up and drive!

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