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I'Ll Be
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

I'Ll Be

Poem By Francis Utada

I’ll be your help when in trouble
Your shelter when there is rain
I’ll be your wings for you to fly
Your pilot to travel around the world

I’ll take you to the highest mountain
See the world from up above
I’ll swim with you to the deepest ocean
See what’s beneath the world we live

It doesn’t matter when or where
It doesn’t matter how we stumble down
Just hold on to me and then we’ll conquer
Just be together and love will do the rest

Time is running, take my hand
Let me show you what we can do
This is not about you, and not about me
This is about what we can do together

I’ll be your shoulder
When the darkest days enter your room
I’ll be your ladder to climb
Every time you keep falling into the ground

They said life is too short to notice
They said time never waits for no one
Until time is here, right in our hand
Let me do the things I have to do

And I’ll be there for you always
Though near or far my heart will follow you
I’ll keep falling and falling only to you
For you are the greatest love of all

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i wish this is dedicated to me.... LOL...