I’ll Catch You When You Fall

You wanted so much to be a star;
wide eyed you looked at what could be,
so you started on your climb.
Not looking back at the misery,
you were leaving behind.
However, one day when your star should stall,
I will be here to catch you when you fall.

Friends have all told me that
you’ve turned your back on us here,
but I bet when you hear,
some distant train whistle blow
you stop for a moment
and something in your memory will recall,
that I’ll still be here to catch you when you fall.

You have moved on and upwards,
new friends you have by the score,
while your star is burning bright.
But what will happen when it begins to dim,
how many new friends will you have then,
and how many time will they come to call?
I’ll still be here to catch you when you fall.

Everyday I see your face on the TV.
Your false smile seems to have faded a little.
Isn’t the stardom what you thought it was going to be?
So on nights when your pillow is damp with tears.
Do you remember what you left behind,
and do you remember and recall what I said.
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.

Leaving all your glad rags behind,
you closed the door on your dream.
Wandering aimless around for years,
not sure what you were going to do.
You wrote me a letter and asked if you could call.
I wrote back to you simply saying, come home,
I am still here to catch when you fall.

30 July 2007

by David Harris

Comments (6)

Lovely sentimental write David, has a sort of 'patience' running through it. Delighted to read it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
With a friend like you there would be no reason to fear pain or 'a fall'.......This is so you David.....as I picture you would be....one can tell alot about someone who writes 'from the heart'. So much more than one who just writes to write well....... By the way, not all fall, it may take years but some in this business of entertainment actually make it, thank goodness.........love, marci.xo
you are a great friend indeed, David..no matter what..you''ll catch me if i fall..thanks for this..
i wish i had more friends like that! ! ..great piece! ! ...
This is a personal piece of well-presented lit, but...more than that, it really reaches home great piece again by you David, A man who doesn't need glitz and glam to show that he's a star! He just is! Love duncan X
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